Legacy Koi Client Testimonials

Jessica T.

I had the chance to stop by Legacy Koi Farm. The difference in the quality of their koi, compared to domestic koi I've purchased in the past, is a huge difference. Imported Japanese koi have the brightest colors along with unique patterns. Great quality koi!!!!!!! ~ Jessica T.

Sonja K.

We're looking forward to showing our beautiful Asagi and Inazuma Kohaku! ~ Sonja K.

Sarah S.

Great quality, reasonably priced, highly recommended! Several Legacy fish took top honors in our last show.  ~ Sarah S.

Dinah L.Y.

If You're looking for beautiful, HIGH quality Koi fish here locally in Citrus County- Do Yourself a Favor and discover the Great selection LEGACY KOI, INC has to offer! <3 ~ Dinah L.Y.

Jessica T.

Jack and Ausra, The jumbo tosai (Sakai Sanke) I purchased from you at the ZNA Potomac Koi show has shown promise. At the ZNA Potomac Show it took Best in Size 2A. I then entered it in the 6th Carolina Classic Koi Show, were it took Best in Size 1. At both events, the koi was admired by many. Waiting to see what 2015 will bring. Thanks so much for having great koi. ~ Turelle S Holmes, Manassas VA