Legacy Koi Farm - Virtual Tour/Schedule A Visit


Jack’s family started fish business almost 25 years ago as a family operated tropical fish farm. After the business grew bigger, Jack and his brothers started their own farms and Crystal River Aquarium was “born”. Even though the main product line was still tropicals, we got ourselves a few koi (pets) and just fell in love with them. However, even with the nicest colored koi and select breeding we could not achieve the Japanese quality in our fish. That is when we decided to make a big turn in our path. We restructured our farm and imported high quality Nishikigoi and we only use our farm to grow them out.

We have a large pond with nice clay bottom that seems to definitely give the fish a nice lacquer like finish and a beautiful full body.
We continuously attend educational courses and wet labs at University of Florida Aquaculture Lab Extension Office to further our knowledge in fish health and care. We work closely with the Lab Staff on any issues or questions that we may have. This relationship gives us a great advantage when it comes to knowing our fish and their health. We go to great lengths to quarantine and protect our stock so that we can offer you quality fish at their best health.